Roadways, highways, bridges, rail, ports, airports—all exist to connect us to other people, communities, goods, services, or simply the need to escape to a quieter place. We all rely on dependable access that will take us where we want to go in a manner that is safe, convenient, and expedient.

We at OTHON understand today’s transportation needs extend beyond planning for busy traffic, bad weather, or aging infrastructure. Long-term impacts to the environment must be considered.  That’s why, in addition to our experience designing traditional modes of transportation, OTHON takes pride in its leadership in the design of light rail and transit facilities to assist communities in alleviating congestion and improving air quality. We also work with transportation agencies to upgrade and provide for future needs of existing facilities, as well as, determine the environmental impacts of projects and support them through the local, state, and federal permitting processes to keep projects moving forward.

Once transportation facilities are designed, OTHON helps clients and communities to understand that they are constructed in a manner that protects the public and minimizes disruption during construction. Using our expertise in the construction process, we assist clients in determining the best approach for maintaining the safety of travelers and workers, alike, and minimizing interference to the daily connections our lives depend upon.

Services for Transportation Engineering include:

  • Street and roadway design

  • Route studies/schematic design/major investment studies

  • PS&E development/major roadway design

  • Bridge design

  • Grade Separations and Interchanges

  • Traffic Signal Timing

  • Railroads and Rail Transit

  • Traffic Demand (or) Traffic Forecasting

  • Traffic Impact Analysis

  • Traffic Modeling

  • Pedestrians & Bike Facilities Design

  • Open channel design/culvert & bridge hydraulics

  • Storm sewer design

  • Traffic control plans/signing and pavement marking design

  • Design-Build Concessions Projects