About Us



Founded in Houston, Texas in 1996, OTHON, INC., Consulting Engineers (OTHON) provides professional civil engineering, construction management, and environmental services to governmental entities, private industry, and other engineering firms - regionally, nationally, and internationally.

We specialize in the satisfaction of our clients and providing quality engineering services for the well being of the citizens who will make use of our skills for years to come.

We take pride in our dedicated staff from every department that helps us achieve our ultimate goal in designing projects from the conceptual and schematic stage through the plans, specifications, and estimates and construction phase. Every member of our staff is dedicated to performing at his/her optimum level and his/her emphasis on quality work is one of the reasons that OTHON continues to be a respected and sought-after engineering firm. Most recently, OTHON was selected to be part of a unique project --- the California High Speed Rail, (Package 4) - which covers a 35 km section of the planned route through the California Central Valley.