Since the dawn of human time, water has served as the focal point for the creation and sustenance of community.

As engineers and environmental consultants, each day we must tackle the challenge of protecting this precious resource for future use, while making it accessible, when, where, and how it is needed for the current needs of the community.  From the home faucet to the industrial plant that produces goods we rely on, our duty is to see that those needs can be met consistently and continually.  To do this requires not only consideration of clean water, but also the collection and treatment of wastewater from sources ranging from sewage to highway run-off.

At OTHON, we pride ourselves on the role we play supporting our neighbors and communities in the supply, care, and safe-guarding of this most necessary of resources.  Whether it involves designing a water treatment plant, overseeing the construction of a wastewater collection system, or conducting studies for endangered species for coastal improvements, OTHON understands that water in all of its forms still serves as the nucleus around which individuals build their lives.


Services for Public Works include:

  • Water and wastewater system planning

  • Potable water and wastewater treatment plant design

  • Streets paving and drainage design

  • Pumping stations design

  • Water and sanitary sewer lines design

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis

  • Storm water pollution prevention plans

  • Feasibility studies

  • Operations and maintenance manuals