Luce Bayou Interbasin Transfer Project

Client: Coastal Water Authority

Location: Dayton, Texas

OTHON provided project management and drainage design for five miles along the proposed Luce Bayou Canal and analysis of drainage patterns for the properties adjacent to the canal.  The purpose of the project is to transfer surface water from Trinity River to Lake Houston.


OTHON's Scope

  • Performed hydrology and routing calculations using TR-55
  • Ditch design and ponding analysis
  • Performed 2-D surface ponding analysis using FLO-2D
  • Designed two 36” drainage inverted siphons to allow cross drainage to pass under the proposed canal
  • Designed drainage culverts using HEC RAS and HY8 software
  • Performed analysis to eliminate one of three canal inverted siphons that saved the client $800,000 in construction cost.